Horan & Bird have partnered with Origin Energy to create a great solar offer. Take up Solar or Solar as a Service with H&B and Origin will give you up to two free 45kg LPG cylinders for one year for your home when you open an LPG account with Origin (annual facility fee applies). If you are an existing Origin LPG customer, the offer still applies.

What is Solar as a Service?

We install the system at your property and manage its monitoring and maintenance. Once you are solar ready^, all you pay for is the monthly solar power it generates at a low solar contract rate.

Click here to find out how it works.

Could you benefit from Solar as a Service?

You might be interested in a free energy audit, where one of our local energy specialists can visit your home in order to assess your energy requirements and determine if Solar as a Service is suitable for you.

^You may incur costs in order for your property to be solar ready (e.g electrical works to switchboard, roof repairs, meter upgrade or changeover). Horan and Bird ABN: 18608235721 Electrical Contractors Licence: 79826. Origin Energy Retail Ltd ABN 22 078 868 425 • Origin Energy (TM) Pty Ltd ABN 49 108 327 760 (Queensland only)