Origin Energy’s Solar Flex is the new way to go solar. We’re making solar more accessible by removing the cost of a solar system.

Go solar without paying for the system.

With Origin Energy’s Solar Flex, there’s a new way for solar energy to be delivered to your home. We’ve called it ‘Solar Flex and it’s here to make solar easier, accessible and flexible. For starters, you won’t have to pay to have the system installed, we’ll cover that. Plus, as we own the solar system, we’ll take care of any ongoing maintenance costs.

How it Works

Step 1: We’ll have one of our Solar Specialists look at your situation – they’ll make sure it’s the right solution for your energy usage and check that it can be installed at your home.

Step 2: You can choose a contract period that suits you – with 10 or 15 year terms available.

Step 3: If you decide to go ahead, you’ll enter into an Origin Solar Flex agreement and we’ll lock in a low solar contract rate .

Step 4: Once all that’s sorted, we’ll have the solar system installed at a time that suits.

Step 5: From then on, you’ll start paying for the solar power you generate at the low energy rate.

Is it right for me?

Our Solar Specialists will look over things to make sure Solar Flex is right for you. But, here are some things you should consider first: Solar Flex works best for households that use a lot of their electricity during the day (when the sun’s out). So, it’s great if someone’s usually home during the day or uses lots of energy with big appliances (like a pool pump). The solar energy generated from the system isn’t stored for later – so you need to make the most of it.