Battery Storage Systems

Battery Storage Systems are the way of the future



Powerwall is a Tesla Energy storage solution which Origin will be making available to be installed with new solar systems. With 6.4kWh of usable energy, the Powerwall daily has sufficient capacity to meet the majority of an average home’s (i.e. a home with approximately 7MWh annual electricity use) peak evening electricity needs.

Initially, the Powerwall daily will only be able to be installed as a single unit, but Tesla is developing options to provide for multiple batteries to be installed together for homes with greater energy needs. Contained within Powerwall’s outdoor-rated enclosure is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, a liquid thermal management system, a battery management system and a smart DC-DC converter for controlling power flow.

The Powerwall has up to a 10 year, 3,650 cycle performance warranty for the battery and a four year warranty for workmanship.

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