Cyclone Back-up and benefit from Time of use tariffs

Battery systems are a way of the future, and they are proven to be beneficial for consumers in more ways than one. These systems have significant economic benefits and they are also a valuable backup power source during cyclones and major power outages.

Energy storage systems enable solar owners to store and use the energy produced from their solar PV systems, which allows consumers to minimise their reliance on the grid.

Solar owners who choose to install these storage systems will have the ability to increase their ‘self-consumption’ as they will use a higher percentage of power that their solar panels produce. These systems also allow consumers to take great advantage in offsetting their peak demand usage which will make them further savings.

Energy storage systems enable consumers to make beneficial use of Time-of-use tariffs to increase their savings. Time-of-use (ToU) tariffs offer eligible residents the opportunity to receive a cheaper supply of power during off-peak periods (weekdays 4pm-8pm). With the installation of an energy storage system, consumers can successfully offset their electricity use to off peak periods which are of course, less expensive.

Additionally, energy storage systems provide a solution for a valuable backup power supply. Here in North Queensland, we are often faced with unpredictable weather events, such as severe storms and tropical cyclones, where we experience major power outages. During a grid outage, PV inverter production cannot occur which means the system will not be able to provide power to the household. With the installation of a battery system, solar owners will be able to ensure they have a backup power supply in place.

Undoubtedly, energy storage systems are a game changer for solar owners. You will enjoy more options and more savings.