Then vs Now: Installing a Solar System

With 2018 backed to be Australia’s biggest year of solar installations yet, it’s the solar power boom and advances in technology which remain as the key driving forces.

Australia added a massive 1.3 GW of solar in 2017 and is on track to well exceed that again in 2018.

Rising power costs seen across Australia are causing homeowners and business owners to stop deliberating and take action in installing a system.

The 3 stages of solar power attractiveness and affordability

(1) High Solar System Prices with good incentives: Solar power was never really an option for majority of the population as the costs of a solar system were too extreme for the average Australian residential property owner. Whilst the benefits were strong and attractive, diving deep into your pockets to fork out for a solar system just wasn’t a reality for most.

(2) Falling Solar System Prices with attractive incentives: Solar power began to become more attractive as the government introduced benefits such as the solar feed in tariff. These high feed in tariffs dramatically increased the return on investment for solar owners. However, when the feed in tariff’s started to reduce so did the interest in solar.

(3) Affordable & Stable Solutions with good incentives: Over the past couple of years  Solar has never been as affordable as it is now and we’re seeing a dramatic increase of residential and commercial property owners making the switch. Almost every property owner can afford to make the switch to solar and start reaping the benefits involved thanks to the latest solar solutions available on the market Australia wide.

Making the Switch to Solar Power Today

In 2018 solar systems remain attractive and as affordable as ever especially in light of continuous rising electricity prices.

With Horan & Bird’s Solar Flex you can make the switch to solar with a $0 up front cost for the system. It’s deals and opportunities like this that are helping the average Australian income earner benefit from solar power.

Not only are property owners investing in solar systems but coupling this with battery storage systems which we’ve only started to see the rise of in the past 12 months. The key benefits associated with solar battery solutions are the ability to harness the power of your stored solar energy at day or night whilst benefiting from further reduced energy bills by utilising stored solar when energy is not available.

People are expressing their interest in battery storage systems alongside solar solutions in order to create a ‘complete’ system.

Are you interested in making the switch to solar power? Join the thousands of Australians currently reaping the benefits. For an affordable solar powered system, advice or solar battery solution speak with the friendly and experienced team at Horan & Bird.