You Don’t Have to Pay $15,000+ for a Solar System

Horan & Bird is introducing a new way to power your house with Origin’s Solar Flex.

Residential and commercial property owners across Australia can now have a full solar system installed without an upfront investment.

“Thanks to Origin Energy’s Solar Flex solution, the average Australian income earner can afford to make the switch to solar power and join thousands of Australians who are already reaping the benefits from solar energy,” John Horan said.

Australia has some of the steepest electricity rates in the world, and the recent major survey completed, published by the Courier mail this month had 71% of residents in Bill Stress. Solar Flex is a very convenient solution for consumers to get what they want without being scared off by heavy costs.

Offering consumers only the best quality, tested and trusted products delivering optimum lifetime performance, Horan and Bird is an extremely popular choice for customers.

Our highly skilled team are qualified master electricians and receive ongoing advanced training to ensure every individual solar system is installed to maximise performance for each property.

Solar Flex has been an extremely popular product.  We have about 90% of our customers now going Solar without having to use their own capital.”

“My Power Bill went from $1200 to about $600. I think Solar Flex is a great option for people who can’t afford to purchase a Solar System outright. It’s made a huge difference to our bills.” – Carrie-Ann Vigar (Horan & Bird client).

How Solar Flex Works:

Deciding to make the switch to solar is as simple as saying YES.

Step 1: We’ll have one of our Solar Specialists look at your situation – they’ll make sure Solar Flex is the right solution for your energy usage and check that it can be installed at your home.

Step 2: You can choose a contract period.

Step 3: If you decide to go ahead, you’ll enter into an Origin Solar Flex agreement and we’ll lock in a low solar contract rate.

Step 4: Once all that’s sorted, we’ll have the solar system installed at a time that suits both parties.

Step 5: From then on, your solar system will generate energy and you will start paying for your electricity at the agreed upon low energy rate.

Whilst every property owner could benefit from solar energy, especially coupled with a battery solution, the following people should stop to think why they haven’t already invested in solar.

Does this sound like you?   

  • Are your quarterly bills reaching over the $400 mark?
  • Do you have an electric Hot Water System?
  • Does your property have a swimming pool?
  • Are you a business owner? How would you like to reduce your business’ costs, and boast an environmentally friendly energy solution?
  • Are you working from home and utilising multiple appliances throughout the day on a regular basis?

Speak with one of our local experienced consultants today in regards to Solar Flex for an obligation free consultation. There’s never been a better time than now.

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