Where are we now?

In the past three years, Horan and Bird have grown rapidly across Queensland expanding their reach from Atherton to the Gold Coast.  In recent months, Horan and Bird have crossed the border venturing into South Australia and Western Australia.

In August this year Horan and Bird employed their first two Energy Specialists in Adelaide to provide residents and businesses in The Festival State with Solar Flex: a solar solution that allows you to go solar without paying for the system.* South Australia is the clean energy leader in Australia with 45 percent of electricity being generated by renewables in 2017.  With the boom of renewables in SA it’s no wonder Horan and Bird have already sold 50 systems in the first 2 months. Sales manager Paul Horan expects Solar Flex sales to grow even further in the area and reach 3 megawatts in the next 12 months.

This month Horan and Bird have also employed their first Energy Specialist in Perth, Western Australia. WA is at the opposite end of the renewables race with only 7.5 percent of energy produced by clean energy in 2017. Despite the lack of large scale renewable energy projects, The Golden State has the second highest small-scale solar installs in the country. Horan and Bird expect to see the same growth in Western Australia that they have seen in South Australia and Queensland.

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Stay tuned for more expansions…

*You may incur other costs in order for your property to be solar ready (such as electrical works, cabling or roof repairs) and for meter upgrade or changeover.
^Solar energy rate is subject to change for CPI annually and change in law.