How Indigenous Australians are leading the way in sustainability

In early 2018, Horan and Bird provided Solar to Girudala, a community organisation that supports education, sustainability, health, housing and employment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the Whitsunday region. Over the past 30 years Girudala’s housing program has become one of the largest in North Queensland with a portfolio of 55 homes and an Elders Homestead of 8 units in the Bowen and Proserpine area.

The Beginning

Girudala, is a well known asset to the Bowen community and Solar Flex was a great way to help the community thrive by reducing their operating costs. After meeting with the Horan and Bird team, the Girudala Group had a Solar Flex system installed on the head office in George Street. After seeing the savings, they decided to have Solar Flex systems installed on all 55 residential properties.

Being a not-for-profit organisation that aims to provide affordable housing, Solar Flex was the perfect option for Girudala, Solar Flex has enabled their residents to save money and be more sustainable without having to increase the businesses operating expenses.

Present day

The Horan and Bird team recently met with some of the residents to see how they were going and assess how much they were saving. The team calculated that on average they are saving anywhere between $600-$1,200 a year on their electricity bill.

How it’s affecting the residents

Paul is a resident of Girudala, and he is saving on average $300 a quarter on his energy bills. Paul said that he was a bit skeptical about Solar Flex in the beginning but after seeing the savings straight away he was pleasantly surprised. Paul told us that he uses a bill paying account and at the end of the year there is always a return left over from his electricity bill. “It’s like having a mini-Christmas fund” Paul White stated.

Contact us

Horan and Bird’s sales manager Paul Horan hopes to help more communities like Girudala across Australia. To find out more, contact the team on 1300 467 262.