What you need to know about green loans and how you can get yours – 2023 Update

Have you been wanting to install solar panels, home batteries or an EV charger but are unsure how to finance it? Simply put, green loans are loans that have been specifically designed to help finance environmentally friendly projects. There’s much to be excited about regarding green loans besides doing your part to help the environment. […]

Significant Increases in your Power Bill Coming July 1st for Regional Queensland

The Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) has recently put forward their draft determination for Regulated Retail Electricity prices in Regional Queensland 2023-24. As predicted the prices are significant. Residential Tariff 11 – has a huge increase of 37.5%. This is the normal tariff that our homes operate on. For the average family with 2 children, (without […]

My First Holiday Driving an Electric Vehicle

Written by John Horan This Christmas holidays, my family and I spent a week in Byron Bay. I thought, what a great opportunity to live the Electric Vehicle experience in Australia’s most environmentally conscious town. Now, when I told my wife (she is like a lot of Australian’s – very skeptical) she said, “great this […]

Solar Technology That Lasts: Choosing the Right Company

Saving money on energy bills is a top priority for many families. Investing in the right solar technology is critical for ensuring a long-lasting, reliable solar system that can help you save money for years to come. This is why Horan & Bird recommends Q Cells to our customers: QCELLs – Q.MAXX G4+ High-Performance Solar […]

Choosing a Solar Company That Will be There for Your Family

At the core of the solar industry is a simple idea: harnessing the power of the sun to generate energy. Choosing a reputable company for your solar installation is crucial, as this will affect everything from warranties to price. The price range for a solar installation can vary widely, depending on the company you choose. […]

Get a Zero Capital Solar and Battery System Installed at Your Business

If you’re a business owner, you know that trying to save money on your energy bill is a top priority. That’s why we’re excited to offer our Solar & Battery Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). This program enables business owners to make the switch to solar & battery power without having to purchase a system. We […]

Attention: Stay at home mums, it’s time to go Solar

It’s no secret that stay-at-home mums are the masters of multitasking and have their hands full these days – from the school run to cleaning up after the kids and looking after a newborn or toddler. Some are even running side hustles or working from home! But now, more and more mums are adding another […]

The Number One Defence for Small Business Energy Pain

Commercial solar systems are becoming more and more popular among businesses across the country. There are many reasons why these systems make sense for companies of all sizes and industries, from small shops to large manufacturing plants. The main reason that commercial solar systems are growing in popularity is that they save money by reducing […]

Answers to the 7 Most Common Questions People Ask Before Going Solar

Are you interested in solar energy, but have some questions about it? You’re not alone! In this blog post, we will answer the seven most common questions people ask about solar energy. We’ll cover topics such as savings, efficiency, and how solar can help reduce your energy bill. By the end of this post, you’ll […]

Appliance Usage Guide With Solar

Interior of home laundry room with modern washing machine

With the price of electricity at all-time highs, it is critical that you use your solar system correctly to maximize your savings. Just changing some habits can make some significant benefits. Furthermore, your solar system is connected only to Tariff 11 or your general tariff. Any loads connected to Tariff 31, 33 or an economy […]