Not Sure How To Use Your Solar? Find Out Here
How to use your Solar might seem obvious but for many of us that don’t know much about solar or are seeking advice from friends or family, it could get a little confusing. If you’re on the 44c Feed-in-Tariff If your solar was installed before 2013 then you are probably
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Horan & Bird 2018 Recap – How are we travelling?
2018 has been a big year for Horan & Bird and it seemed like a good idea to look back and recap some of the highlights. Expansions. Horan & Bird entered new territory this year. Expanding into Emerald, Gladstone, The Sunshine Coast and crossing the border to Adelaide and Perth.
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Solar Flex – How does it look 12 months on?
Twelve months ago, Mary & Michael had a 6kW solar system installed using a Solar Flex Power Purchase Agreement with Horan and Bird. Solar Flex is where you pay $0 for the solar system and you pay for the solar electricity that the system generates but at rates that are
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How Indigenous Australians are leading the way in sustainability
In early 2018, Horan and Bird provided Solar to Girudala, a community organisation that supports education, sustainability, health, housing and employment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the Whitsunday region. Over the past 30 years Girudala’s housing program has become one of the largest in North Queensland with a
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Where are we now?
In the past three years, Horan and Bird have grown rapidly across Queensland expanding their reach from Atherton to the Gold Coast.  In recent months, Horan and Bird have crossed the border venturing into South Australia and Western Australia. In August this year Horan and Bird employed their first two
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Brendan and Liz
Solar Flex helping local families save on their Energy Bills
A growing number of North Queensland residents are saving on their electricity bills with a solar solution that costs nothing to install on their roof. While more than 30 per cent of Queensland homes already have a rooftop solar system, solar experts Horan & Bird expect this to continue to
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You Don’t Have to Pay $15,000+ for a Solar System
Horan & Bird is introducing a new way to power your house with Origin’s Solar Flex. Residential and commercial property owners across Australia can now have a full solar system installed without an upfront investment. “Thanks to Origin Energy’s Solar Flex solution, the average Australian income earner can afford to
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Then vs Now: Installing a Solar System
With 2018 backed to be Australia’s biggest year of solar installations yet, it’s the solar power boom and advances in technology which remain as the key driving forces. Australia added a massive 1.3 GW of solar in 2017 and is on track to well exceed that again in 2018. Rising
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A look at Australia’s Solar Performance
Over the course of the past 12 months, Australia has seen a dramatic increase in the installation of Solar Systems across the country. For the first time last year Australia exceeded utilising 1 gigawatts of rooftop solar panels. What does 1 Gigawatt of power look like? Think about it this
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Queensland’s Solar Approach
The Queensland government has set a target of reaching 1 million rooftops with solar in Queensland by 2020 – that’s only just over two years away! This target is designed to help lower electricity costs for families and businesses while creating more jobs across the state and ultimately protecting the environment. How is
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