Is Being Complacent Costing You More on Your Energy Bill?
When I was teenager, I was fortunate enough to have: my own computer, a television and an air conditioner in my room (spoilt much?). I can’t even imagine the electricity bills my parents had in the days without solar power and energy efficient appliances. Now that I own my own
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How to be More Sustainable this Christmas
Christmas is the time of giving, spending time with your loved ones and creating 30% more waste than you normally would. Over the holidays our contribution to landfill not only increases, but the materials that pile up are usually harder to break down. It doesn’t have to be that way
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solar rebates
What Solar Rebates Am I Eligible For?
There is a good chance that you have seen advertisements recently promising great solar rebates in your area. A lot of the time these ‘rebates’ are referring to the STC’s. The Small-Scale Technology Certificates that were introduced in 2011. The STC’s are federal government financial incentives eligible to all small-scale
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Is my Property Suited to Solae
Do you know which properties are suited to solar?
There are a lot of contributing factors when deciding to make the switch to solar, but the most important is determining whether your property is suitable. Most of us know the basics of what makes our property suitable, but unfortunately there is more to it than meets the eye. Roof
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ACT Solar Rebates
$5,000 Solar Rebates available for ACT Businesses
The ACT government has released a new rebate for small business owners to increase sustainability. Under the Actsmart Business Energy and Water Program, businesses in the ACT will be eligible to apply for rebates up to $5,000 to improve their businesses energy and water efficiency. Businesses could be eligible to
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5 ways to be more sustainable right now
5 Ways To Be More Sustainable Right Now
I speak to people all the time who are shocked by how much effort I put into being more sustainable. I tell my mum about how I rinse my bottles and use the correct bins and she looks exhausted just hearing about it. Once upon a time it seemed simple;
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Climate Change
Climate Change and the Federal Election. Who should I vote for?
For most of us, the federal election can be a confusing time. Trying to work out who to vote for is a difficult choice and unfortunately, a lot of the time we make an uninformed one. It’s important to do your research on the topics that matter most and make
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2020 tariff changes
How to protect your business from the 2020 Tariff changes
In 2020 Ergon are removing some transitional tariffs that are going to affect farmers and businesses in Regional Queensland. For some businesses this change will enable them to save on their energy costs but for others it might mean higher energy rates. What Tariffs are being removed? Ergon are removing
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Horan & Bird has Developed Technology to Harness Solar Energy at Night
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not sure how to use your solar
Not Sure How To Use Your Solar? Find Out Here
How to use your Solar might seem obvious but for many of us that don’t know much about solar or are seeking advice from friends or family, it could get a little confusing. If you’re on the 44c Feed-in Tariff If your solar was installed before 2013 then you are
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