Start Saving with Solar
As a miner Adrian Hogue spends three weeks a month away from his home in Kirwan, Queensland. The time apart from his wife and 16-year-old daughter is tough – but it’s even tougher when the energy bills come in. Despite having only two people in the house most of the
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Warranty for PV Systems
There can be a lot of confusion as to what items are covered under the “Warranty” of a PV system. There are a number of items with different warranty coverage so we thought we would try and detail these for you. Panel Warranty: Solar panels have 2 warranty periods. Limited
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Here’s what’s happening from our end
With Solar As A Service, there’s a new way for solar energy to be delivered to your home.  It’s here to make solar easier and more accessible. For starters, you won’t have to pay to have the system installed, we’ll cover that. Plus, as we own the solar system, we’ll take care of any ongoing maintenance costs* Problem
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Safety Switches Save Lives
Safety switches are a life-saving device that minimise the risk of electric shocks, injuries, deaths and electricity-related fires. Sadly, many homes across Australia still don’t have safety switches installed, which is a serious safety concern. Master Electricians Australia (MEA) Chief Executive Officer, Malcolm Richards, said MEA has been calling for
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North QLD sparkies set to outshine Australia’s best’
North Queensland’s best and brightest sparkies are now in the running to take out top gongs at this year’s Master Electricians Australia (MEA) National Excellence Awards after being recognised for their outstanding contributions to the industry in the Sunshine State. Horan & Bird, which provides its electrical services in Townsville,
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You Haven’t Missed the Boat with Solar
A lot of people have told us that they haven’t gone with solar because they missed out on the 44 cent Feed in Tariff.  However there is a new way to go solar in Australia which maybe an even better deal for many people.  You can now go solar without
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Solar Power Purchase Agreement is a Game Changer
The Queensland Government is going full steam ahead with its goal to have 1 million homes in Queensland with solar panels.  Energy Minister, Mark Bailey, also confirmed at the Solar 2015 conference in Melbourne that the Government is committed to generate 50% of the State’s energy from renewables by the
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Are Solar Returns better than Money in the Bank?
Residential home owners and business owners are still flocking to solar even without feed-in tariffs. With the latest drop in interest rates, along with expensive prices for electricity, solar is a very attractive investment.  Even though there are very limited feed-in tariffs, solar may be anywhere between 15 – 22%
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New Year’s Energy Efficient Resolutions
Another year is upon us already and again, we find ourselves making new resolutions. From vowing to become fit and healthy or aiming to spend more quality time with friends and family, the thought of becoming energy efficient probably isn’t one that springs to mind. With a range of great
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Builders Need to Adapt to a Changing World
Well-designed, energy efficient homes are sparking an increased interest among the public and new builders are in support of the innovation and design of green homes. Homebuyers are looking to limit their household expenses now more than ever. Energy efficient homes have the ability to work wonders in saving people
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