Are Solar Returns better than Money in the Bank?
Residential home owners and business owners are still flocking to solar even without feed-in tariffs. With the latest drop in interest rates, along with expensive prices for electricity, solar is a very attractive investment.  Even though there are very limited feed-in tariffs, solar may be anywhere between 15 – 22%
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New Year’s Energy Efficient Resolutions
Another year is upon us already and again, we find ourselves making new resolutions. From vowing to become fit and healthy or aiming to spend more quality time with friends and family, the thought of becoming energy efficient probably isn’t one that springs to mind. With a range of great
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Builders Need to Adapt to a Changing World
Well-designed, energy efficient homes are sparking an increased interest among the public and new builders are in support of the innovation and design of green homes. Homebuyers are looking to limit their household expenses now more than ever. Energy efficient homes have the ability to work wonders in saving people
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Air conditioner
Stay Smart & Stay Cool
As the temperature continues to rise, it’s no secret we find ourselves reaching for our air-conditioner remote to beat the heat. Throughout the hot summer months, air-conditioners almost become a necessity here in North Queensland. This luxury does come with a costly price, which has the ability to take us
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Keep your cool & save on your Summer Power Bill
The combination of rising power prices and the onset of the upcoming hotter months of summer is a cringe worthy thought for many of us. During summer we tend to crank up our air-conditioner which causes our electricity usage to skyrocket. Next thing we know, we are left shaking our
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Daylight Saving would Save Millions for North Queensland
Without a doubt, the economy here in North Queensland is doing it extremely tough. For North Queensland to overcome this we need to adapt to the new world.  To successfully adjust, sometimes we must embrace change. This is not a popular subject and it will unquestionably ruffle some feathers.  It
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Cyclone Back-up and benefit from Time of use tariffs
Battery systems are a way of the future, and they are proven to be beneficial for consumers in more ways than one. These systems have significant economic benefits and they are also a valuable backup power source during cyclones and major power outages. Energy storage systems enable solar owners to
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Solar Still Huge Benefit
The large increases in network charges from Ergon Energy will certainly hurt thousands of Queenslanders. Unfortunately, Ergon has admitted that the daily service charge on Tariff 11 is increasing to $1.16 a day in 2015.  This means every single house will be paying $424 a year just to be connected
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Horan & Bird Venture Overseas for the First Time
North Queensland’s award-winning Energy Solutions Company, Horan & Bird, have extended their services overseas for the first time, providing solar installations to the South Pacific Cook Islands. Horan & Bird are a leading renewable energy company in Queensland who pride themselves on being the forefront of Energy Creation, Energy Management
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Horan & Bird Spread their Wings to Cairns
North Queensland’s Award winning Master Electricians and Energy Solutions Company, Horan & Bird, are proud to announce the recent opening of their newest office in Cairns. Horan & Bird pride themselves on being the forefront of Energy Creation, Energy Management and Energy Useage across Residential, Commercial and Farming markets. Specialising
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