Electricity Price Rise Update
From July 1st 2014 you can expect these price rises as an Ergon Energy connected customer: Tariff 11 goes from 28.02 cents to 30.82 Tariff 33 goes from 20.06 cents to 23.1 Tariff 62 (farmers) from 39.41 cents to 45.32 The daily service fee goes from 50.22 cents to 91.76
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Solar Storage Solutions Now Available at Horan and Bird
Horan and Bird are excited to be offering solar storage solutions to the North Queensland market. The Horan and Bird solar storage solution is the second step to the development of the “Smart Home or business” and a critical part of the “everyday energy solution”. This solar storage solution offers
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The World’s Largest Companies Turning to Solar
The recent Harvard Business Review has highlighted what some of the world’s leading companies are doing to not only combat climate change, but to hedge their energy costs.  It is a clear trend that these leading companies understand how to build a sustainable business future for their shareholders.  It is
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People With Solar Should Not Feel Guilty
Over the last 12 months some critics have blamed people with solar panels as the problem for the rising price of Electricity.  Furthermore people with solar have been labelled as upper class and greedy individuals taking advantage of the system to the detriment to the less fortunate public. This could
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Summer Power bill can catch solar customers out if used incorrectly
During summer some of our solar customers have been caught out with an unexpected bill due to heavy usage of air conditioners, clothes dryers and pool pumps at the wrong time of the day, with the huge rise in electricity prices on July 1st we thought it would be a
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Removal of 8 cent Feed in Tariff won’t effect North Queensland
With the announcement from the State Government today about the removal of the 8 cent feed in tariff H&B would like to make these points on why it will not effect North Queensland Solar customers: Horan and Bird have been selling solar systems successfully for last  12 months now with
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solar panel
Subsidies for Rooftop Solar – Zero net cost to households
A new analysis from the solar industry has demonstrated that the cost of the small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) – which governs rooftop solar and hot water systems – will amount to zero for Australian households – contradicting the claims of the country’s biggest utilities. The analysis released by the
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Mendi Construction Site - 20kW Solar Array
Latest Update to the Government Rebate for Solar
Over the next two weeks the Government is reviewing the Renewable Energy Target (RET). Currently the RET is set until 2020. The RET forces large polluters such as electricity retailers to purchase renewable energy certificates from home owners and businesses who install solar panels and solar hot water systems. These
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Solar Management Service for Landlords and Investors
Horan & Bird are excited to announce a new solar system management service.  This service will not only provide your family with peace of mind that your solar system is working at its best, but also an opportunity for landlords and investors to install solar on their investment properties and
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solar panel
The Price of Solar Set to Rise Rapidly
The year of 2013 has seen some of the lowest prices for solar systems in history. This has been the result of the high Australian dollar, combined with the record prices for Renewable Energy Certificates. These low prices for solar systems have reduced the pain for many customers who missed
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