The large increases in network charges from Ergon Energy will certainly hurt thousands of Queenslanders. Unfortunately, Ergon has admitted that the daily service charge on Tariff 11 is increasing to $1.16 a day in 2015.  This means every single house will be paying $424 a year just to be connected
North Queensland’s award-winning Energy Solutions Company, Horan & Bird, have extended their services overseas for the first time, providing solar installations to the South Pacific Cook Islands. Horan & Bird are a leading renewable energy company in Queensland who pride themselves on being the forefront of Energy Creation, Energy Management
North Queensland’s Award winning Master Electricians and Energy Solutions Company, Horan & Bird, are proud to announce the recent opening of their newest office in Cairns. Horan & Bird pride themselves on being the forefront of Energy Creation, Energy Management and Energy Useage across Residential, Commercial and Farming markets. Specialising
Horan & Bird has won the prestigious “Employer of the Year” Award at the 2014 Queensland Training Awards.  This is the second year in a row that Horan & Bird has been a North Queensland regional finalist in the awards which were held on Saturday night at Jupiters. Regional winners
Townsville, North Queensland   Focus Horan and Bird wanted to create a unique feature for Townsville that would aid Townsville in retaining the V8 super cars event in 2013 along with: Remove the electricity consumption of the building. Create the first Carbon Neutral V8 racing event on the racing calendar.
Horan & Bird joined forces with world leading air conditioning company Daikin to compete in the Adventurethon National Challenge in Townsville on June 21st.  The Horan & Bird - Daikin team took part in the 61.4 km Ultra - Marathon event.  Jamie Smith (bike) and John Horan (paddler) represented Horan
From July 1st 2014 you can expect these price rises as an Ergon Energy connected customer: Tariff 11 goes from 28.02 cents to 30.82 Tariff 33 goes from 20.06 cents to 23.1 Tariff 62 (farmers) from 39.41 cents to 45.32 The daily service fee goes from 50.22 cents to 91.76
Horan and Bird are excited to be offering solar storage solutions to the North Queensland market. The Horan and Bird solar storage solution is the second step to the development of the “Smart Home or business” and a critical part of the “everyday energy solution”. This solar storage solution offers
The recent Harvard Business Review has highlighted what some of the world’s leading companies are doing to not only combat climate change, but to hedge their energy costs.  It is a clear trend that these leading companies understand how to build a sustainable business future for their shareholders.  It is
Over the last 12 months some critics have blamed people with solar panels as the problem for the rising price of Electricity.  Furthermore people with solar have been labelled as upper class and greedy individuals taking advantage of the system to the detriment to the less fortunate public. This could