How does Solar Energy Actually work?

Energy generated from solar power significantly helps to reduce the cost of electricity, contributes to the electrical grid, and generates backup power for outages or night-time usage when paired with a battery storage solution. Not only does the generation of solar energy reduce environmental harm caused by traditional energy solutions, but it also spurs economic […]

Your Complete Guide to Solar Panel Cleaning and Maintenance

At Horan & Bird, we cannot stress enough the importance of consistent cleaning and maintenance. We are here to help break down the costs and provide a complete guide to cleaning and maintaining your solar panels effectively. Why it’s so important to clean your solar panels: Keeping dirt and grime from building up on your […]

QLD Solar Battery Booster Rebate Program 2024

You can receive up to $8000 in Government Incentives when going Solar with a Battery in 2024. People going Solar in Queensland can receive up to $4000 in Government incentives. According to recent Government updates, we are expecting a Battery Rebate In early 2024, where Queensland homeowners can get up to $4000 to offset the […]

Solar and EV Chargers Can Be Revenue Making Machines for Your Business

The accelerated growth of Electric Vehicles (EV’s) is not just a trend within Australia, it is a global movement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy costs simultaneously. Not only are EV’s significantly cheaper to operate and more sustainable for the environment, but they are also extremely high tech and simply exciting to drive. The […]

Birdwood Investment Empowers Juice Energy and Horan & Bird

Birdwood Energy, a specialist investor in the renewable sector, has invested in the Juice Energy Group, an innovative behind-the-meter renewable energy solutions provider for residential and commercial customers. Birdwood has a $2bn portfolio of projects and investments. In Juice Energy and Horan & Bird, Birdwood recognised an opportunity to augment its front-of-meter energy strategy by […]

What is the Best EV Charger For Home?

What is the Best EV Charger For Home? Selecting which Electric Vehicle to purchase is the first step; however, deciding how to charge your new EV is also very important. Statics show that 80 -90% of all EV owners prefer to charge up at home. This blog will cover the different options available. Here are […]

Is Solar for Home Worth it?

Australia stands as the global leader in installed solar panels per capita. The nation’s enthusiasm for solar power is glaringly obvious, with more Australians leaping yearly. However, some may still question whether the investment is a bright idea. In this post, we will reveal the return on investment for a 6.6KW solar system, letting you […]

Brisbane to Townsville Electric Vehicle Road Trip

Having recently purchased my first Electric Vehicle I thought it was important to just throw myself right in the deep end and do a road trip from Brisbane to Townsville to see if it could be done. I linked some of our youtube videos here to make it easier to understand everything. Remember to subscribe […]

Is it time to upgrade my solar system? 2024 Update

Have you considered upgrading or enhancing your existing solar system? In this article, we go over the key reasons many of our customers opt for the replacement of their older systems. Benefits of upgrading your solar panels Opting to upgrade your current solar power system presents a range of advantages. Most commonly, upgrading means increased […]

What you need to know about green loans and how you can get yours – 2023 Update

Have you been wanting to install solar panels, home batteries or an EV charger but are unsure how to finance it? Simply put, green loans are loans that have been specifically designed to help finance environmentally friendly projects. There’s much to be excited about regarding green loans besides doing your part to help the environment. […]