We are all about offering sustainable and more affordable good energy solutions for your home.  Horan & Bird can help you get the best electricity deals with Origin Energy. See if your address qualifies:

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Congratulations Origin Electricity is available in your area!

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Did you know if you’re a homeowner you could get Solar Flex?

Solar Flex

Solar Flex is the new way to go Solar. We’re making solar more accessible, efficient and simple by removing the large cost of a solar system.

Go solar without paying for the system* and lock in a low energy rate^ with Solar Flex

How it Works

Step 1: We’ll have one of our Solar Specialists look at your situation – they’ll make sure it’s the right solution for your energy usage and check that it can be installed in your home.

Step 2: You can choose a contract period that suits you, with 10 or 15 year terms available.

Step 3: If you decide to go ahead, you’ll enter into an Origin Solar Flex agreement and we will lock in a low solar contract rate.

Step 4: Once all that’s sorted, we’ll have the solar system installed at a time that suits you.

Step 5: From then on, you’ll start paying for the solar power you generate at the low energy rate.

*You may incur additional costs for your property to be solar ready (such as electrical works, cabling or roof repairs).
^ Solar energy rate is subject to the charge of CPI annually and changes in the law. Approved Purchases only.