Why Solar Still Works for Full-Time Workers

There is a common misconception that solar is only good for people who are home during the day. People with home businesses or people that stay at home with their children definitely see the most benefit from having solar installed, however, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t going to work for you because you’re working […]

Prepare Your Business For Rising Energy Costs

Australian energy prices have substantially risen from July 1st 2022, and there has never been a more important time to reassess your business’ energy needs.   In our latest webinar, Founder John Horan, discusses the global outlook, how to move from a Large Energy customer to a Small Energy Customer and how you can achieve […]

Your Business & The Shift Towards Electric Vehicles

As Australia transitions into the new electric world, individuals and businesses need to start to think about how big this shift actually will be. Change can be challenging, but if planned well, it will be a great opportunity for those that start now.     Below is a very compelling forecast model that depicts electric vehicle […]

How Your Business Can Save Up To $15k Per Year By Switching Tariffs

With Energy prices rising substantially from July 1st 2022, there has never been a more important time to switch your business from a Large to a Small business. Most business owners are classified as small (use under 100MWh’s a year) or large (use over 100MWh’s a year).   Table 1 below shows the difference between […]

Why Going Solar is Easy

At Horan & Bird, making solar simple and affordable is our mission. If you’re still paying sky-high energy bills, it makes sense to look into installing solar panels and start paying off your own asset instead. Hundreds of thousands of Australians are turning to solar with repayment plans with $0 upfront and savings on your […]

Battery Storage: What Rebates Can You Claim In Australia

If you’re looking to save more on your energy bill, then a solar battery probably seems like the next step on your journey to NetZero. Solar batteries are great for maximising your solar system and becoming more self-sufficient, here are the grants and rebates available across Australia. NSW The NSW Government is helping homeowners in […]

Go Green with Green Loans

When starting your NetZero journey, whether that be by installing solar, a battery, energy efficient lighting or upgrading to an electric vehicle, it can be quite the investment for the average Australian family. However, moving to a greener lifestyle does not need to come with the price tag as there are other options if paying […]

Community Trading is Here

With soaring energy prices becoming a reality, there has never been a better time for Solar Sharing (Peer to Peer) in our community. Horan & Bird (H&B) have partnered with Next Business Energy and Enosi to create Community Solar Trading for our customers. Our goal is to have a connected Renewable NetZero Community. With over […]

Introducing Juice Mobile

Juice Capital is uniquely positioned to deliver the most cost effective and commercially flexible solution to open up a NEW and exciting commercial solar market. Juice delivers renewable energy for tenants through mobile solar technology in 4.8 kW pods.  The solution creates instant savings and cleaner energy with “No Capital Outlay”. Together Horan & Bird […]

Advantages of Moving From a Large to a Small Energy Customer

With Energy prices set to rise substantially from July 1st 2022, there has never been a better time to look at what Electricity Tariff you are on and how you are being billed by your energy provider. Most business owners are classified as small (use under 100MWh’s a year) or large (use over 100MWh’s a year). […]