Builders Need to Adapt to a Changing World

Well-designed, energy efficient homes are sparking an increased interest among the public and new builders are in support of the innovation and design of green homes.

Homebuyers are looking to limit their household expenses now more than ever. Energy efficient homes have the ability to work wonders in saving people substantial amounts on their power bills.

John Futer, HIA North Queensland Executive Director, said that we are seeing an enormous increase in public interest for a responsibly designed, energy efficient home.

“Solar panels are now powering many new homes with clean and affordable solar power energy saving new homeowners ‘mega bucks’ on their home electricity bills”.

John Futer said that approximately half of the home buying or renovating public have an interest and awareness in the need to reduce energy use in our communities.

Horan & Bird are committed to offering our customers greater choice in sustainable energy efficient solutions now, and in the future.

Whether it may be solar, air-conditioning, energy efficient lighting, or advice on tariffs, our team’s here to help combat the growing concern of rising electricity prices for our customers.

We’re excited to help our customers jump on board the green home innovation.

“With the price of electricity eventually moving to ‘Time of Use’ billing, it is critical that builders are building houses to suit, or customers are going to be very disappointed in twelve months’ time,” said Director John Horan.

The price for electricity being used between 4pm and 8pm could be as high as 59 cents per kWh (recommended price in the latest QCA draft for 2015).  For example, houses built with an electric stove will be at a major disadvantage and gas cooking will be critical.

“New homes have to be wired now for time of use billing.  Circuits need to be integrated with the home so appliances and equipment can maximise cheaper billing times and solar systems.  It can actually be cheaper to go back to an electric hot water system  connected to your grid connected solar system instead of spending an extra $4000 on a heat pump or solar hot water system,” said John Horan.

New homebuyers are encouraged to carefully consider smart energy efficient homes. Not only will you enjoy the savings on your power bills, but it was also add undeniable value to your home in the future to potential tenants or buyers.

As technology continues to advance, new and improved products become available which means there are always exciting new ways for homes to improve their energy efficiency.

For many, a simple review of their current household situation and consumption will provide a range of valuable options detailing ways to improve the overall energy efficiency of their home.

It’s important for residents to be aware of which tariff their household is using and to also understand how to effectively utilise their energy consumption in accordance to maximise savings.

As the innovation of the green home continues to emerge and evolve, homebuyers and renovators should be excited about the greater choice in sustainable solutions and energy efficiency that will follow.