Electricity Price Rise Update

From July 1st 2014 you can expect these price rises as an Ergon Energy connected customer:

Tariff 11 goes from 28.02 cents to 30.82
Tariff 33 goes from 20.06 cents to 23.1
Tariff 62 (farmers) from 39.41 cents to 45.32

The daily service fee goes from 50.22 cents to 91.76 cents. It is going to cost everybody $335.69 just to be connected to the grid. On this portion of your bill, this represents a 95% increase in daily charges!

As power prices rise, it may seem you are not receiving as many credits as you have in the past. Your solar power system is still producing electricity of which you are receiving a benefit. Smart customers have locked in a large portion of energy they use each day by purchasing a solar system generating clean energy. Another way to look at it is, the energy produced from your solar system is yours first, saving you money if you consume it (saving you  the 30.82 cents per KW you would normally buy from the energy retailer) or making you money if you export it (44 cents per KW Feed in Tariff).

We are urging our customers to pay attention to their electricity usage this year as prices rise.  Below are some of the common symptoms continuing to contribute to rising power bills;

  1. Still using halogen light bulbs instead of LED’s
  2. Still using box air conditioners
  3. Using clothes dryers instead of clothes lines

Our 44 cent feed in Tariff Customers

  1. Are using too much power during daylight hours and are not exporting out as much solar as they used to.  They have stopped using the dishwasher and washing machines during the night or early mornings.
  2. Have not got their air conditioners, pool pumps, Hot water systems and clothes dryer on Tariff 33.
  3. Pool Pumps can also be put onto tariff 31 if there is enough room in your switch board this can save up to $300 per year on your pool pump.

Our 8 cent feed in Tariff Customers

  1. Are using too much power at night and are not using enough power during daylight hours.  Dishwashers, washing machines and clothes dryers should be used from 10am to 3pm to maximise your solar usage.
  2. Pool pumps and Hot water systems need to be taken off Tariff 33 put onto Tariff 11 and have the timers set that they come on only during daylight hours.

Other solutions

You can install more solar panels to your system, replace old inefficient appliances and air conditioners or even change to gas cooking.  But are H&B we now have a unique monitoring system that can help you manage your entire houses electricity consumption and control your power usage by switching off loads and turning on loads to suit your solar production.  Call our team today to find out more.