Horan & Bird 2018 Recap – How are we travelling?

2018 has been a big year for Horan & Bird and it seemed like a good idea to look back and recap some of the highlights.


Horan & Bird entered new territory this year. Expanding into Emerald, Gladstone, The Sunshine Coast and crossing the border to Adelaide and Perth. While some locations have been more successful than others, every new location is a step in the right direction. Adelaide has been the 2018 hotspot for the company with two Energy Specialists in the region and 60 systems sold in the first 4 months.


H&B not only grew geographically but in personnel too. In 2018 the company employed 41 new people in 3 locations and created 19 new roles.


In 2018 Horan & Bird installed 2,136 new solar systems. While the days of the 44c Feed-in-Tariff remains our benchmark for installs, 2018 has been a record year for Solar Flex. This year alone we have installed 1,479 Solar Flex systems, a 25% increase from last year’s install numbers.


Our commercial portfolio has also grown this year, with a large portion of it contributing to our penetration into rural farming markets. In 2018, H&B installed 416 new commercial systems with 385 of those being Solar Flex deals.

Our impact.

2018 has seen Horan & Bird install 15 megawatts of solar which is 58,000 panels. That 15 megawatts of solar has done more than help H&B grow and expand. We have saved the environment from approximately 20,411 tonnes of carbon emissions[i] and saved our customers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Looking forward.

Horan & Bird’s Group Manager, John Horan hopes that 2019 will be our biggest year to date. “We are currently in the process of bringing on more partners in Adelaide and we hope to expand into Victoria and New South Wales in the New Year. We also hope to increase the number of new solar battery installations to help our customers save even more.”