Horan & Bird Join Forces with Daikin

Horan & Bird joined forces with world leading air conditioning company Daikin to compete in the Adventurethon National Challenge in Townsville on June 21st.  The Horan & Bird – Daikin team took part in the 61.4 km Ultra – Marathon event.  Jamie Smith (bike) and John Horan (paddler) represented Horan & Bird and Daikin was represented by Alan Elsdon – Bell (run).

The Paddle leg was a 16km round trip from Cape Pallarenda to Magnetic Island and back.  The mountain bike stage was 29km through wet lands, over the rocky mountain with a long beach leg.  The run leg was a hard 16.4km dirt, rocky and beach trail run.

With more than 400 competitors involved in the Adventurethon the Horan & Bird – Daikin team was thrilled to win the Silver medal in the team event, and to be placed 5th overall behind national champions such as Sam Stedman.  Horan & Bird’s Jamie Smith was also rewarded for posting the fastest mountain bike leg of the day.