Horan & Bird Venture Overseas for the First Time

North Queensland’s award-winning Energy Solutions Company, Horan & Bird, have extended their services overseas for the first time, providing solar installations to the South Pacific Cook Islands.

Horan & Bird are a leading renewable energy company in Queensland who pride themselves on being the forefront of Energy Creation, Energy Management and Energy Useage.

John Horan, Founding Director of Horan & Bird, is excited to see the company providing their quality services and energy solutions to the Cook Islands.

“Solar in the Cook Islands is at the same stage Australia was 5 years ago.

Just like in Australia, solar will change people’s lives in the Cook Islands.”

The Cook Islands have an electricity target of 50% renewable energy by 2015, and 100% renewable energy by 2020.

Glenn Nooroa, Operations Manager of Horan & Bird, recently travelled to the Cook Islands to help carry out the solar installations.

“We are playing our part in helping the Cook Islands meet their targets.

The services we provide can help meet their solar demands,” Glenn said.

Horan & Bird will continue to provide their services to the Cook Islands on an on-going basis which will play a key part in helping the Cook Islands achieve their renewable energy targets.

Horan & Bird have a sales representative based on the Island named William Ellingham.

William will play a vital role in Horan & Birds involvement in providing solar to the people of the Cook Islands.

Horan & Bird also won the tender for the Cook Islands Football Association, which will see a 50 kWh system installed at the islands international grounds over the coming months.

Horan & Bird also currently services Cairns, Townsville, Burdekin, Mackay and Brisbane in Queensland.

Horan & Bird has recently won the 2014, North Queensland “Employer of the Year” award and are three time winners of Master Electricians of the year.

This leading renewable energy company proudly built the first Renewable Energy Centre in Queensland, using the power they produce themselves to power their busy head office in Townsville.