Keep your cool & save on your Summer Power Bill

The combination of rising power prices and the onset of the upcoming hotter months of summer is a cringe worthy thought for many of us.

During summer we tend to crank up our air-conditioner which causes our electricity usage to skyrocket. Next thing we know, we are left shaking our head in disbelief at our dreaded summer power bill.

Fortunately, there are a number of simple ways that will effectively help reduce your high summer bill.

Here are a few handy hints on how to cut your costs this summer through the consideration of air-conditioning, electrical and solar.


Do you still have box air-conditioners in your home?

It’s no secret that air-conditioners are our best friend in summer, but they will also be your power bill’s worst enemy.

Being smart about your air-conditioner use and efficiency will play a key role in reducing your energy consumption. If you are still using box air-conditioners in your home, it’s important to consider replacing them with Inverter Split-systems. Split-systems are more efficient than box air-conditioners, which will work wonders in saving you money.

Not only will split system air-conditioners help reduce your next power bill, but they will remove the noise, wall vibration, mosquito breeding sites and frog problems that you may otherwise face with box air-conditioners.

Regular maintenance of your air-conditioners is also crucial to ensure they are running efficiently.

Remember that you should set your air-conditioners to 24 or 25 degrees Celsius. For every one degree that you raise your air-conditioner temperature, you can save up to 10 per cent off running costs.


Are you using energy efficient lighting in your household?

A simple switch to the use of LED lights in your household will indefinitely save you on your summer bill. LED lights are extremely energy efficient and they have a very long lifespan, saving you now, and into the future. LED lights use approximately 85% less energy than halogen or incandescent lighting.

When considering that the average household has between 30 to 40 light bulbs, imagine the effect you could have by replacing each one with an energy efficient bulb.

Don’t forget the simple things such as making a habit of switching lights off around the home when you’re not using them- everything helps!


Making the switch to solar will not only contribute to a cleaner and greener future, but it will drastically reduce your power bills now, and into the future. The installation of a solar system on your home is one of the most beneficial, and cost-effective investments you can make!

For solar consumers there are a few important things to consider to ensure you’re utilising your solar investment to its full potential and to help slash your summer power bill!

  • Are you on the right Feed-in tariff?
    It’s crucial for solar consumers to be aware of the feed-in tariff they are currently using, and of course, to understand how to effectively utilise their energy use in accordance. Speak to one of our Energy Consultants today and find out if a Time-of-use tariff could offer you a cheaper supply of power!
  • Maintenance & monitoring
    Regular maintenance and on-going monitoring of your solar system is important to make sure it is performing both effectively and safely. By doing this you will be able to maintain your system’s efficiency and of course, you will enjoy the maximised savings!
  • Stay upgraded
    We want you to be getting the most from your solar system, so when there is an opportunity for you to be able to generate even more renewable energy, you need to know! Find out if your system requires any upgrades today for the chance to increase your savings.

By increasing your understanding of your household’s energy consumption and how your solar system will effectively work in reducing your electricity costs, you will be able to make the most of your solar investment.

If you have any questions regarding Horan & Bird’s services or about ways we can  help reduce your summer power bill please call our office on 1300 467 262.