New Partnership to Reduce Small Business Energy Costs

Horan and Bird has partnered with Next Business Energy (NBE) to offer a credible alternative to Ergon for Small Business Owners that delivers savings and innovation.

The Energy Market in Regional Queensland has recently opened to competitors giving small business owners an opportunity to switch energy retailers for the very first time.

Large Business Customers have been able to choose Energy Retailers for a while but now Small Business customers have the same luxury. Furthermore, the rule of if you leave Ergon, you can never return has also been removed for small business customers.

“Next Business Energy, our partner, are a very fast-moving innovative Australian Energy Retailer who specialise in business energy. The energy bill savings available for Small Business Owners is exciting to see” says John Horan

We have partnered with NBE as we can now offer locals great grid deals, along with other innovations such as solar energy sharing. Solar energy sharing, or peer to peer trading, is where you install a solar system on a business or farm and trade the exported solar to other businesses, farms or even your home.

Solar sharing technology is very exciting for business, as many businesses lease their building and or have an unsuitable roof to have solar installed. Solar sharing technology will provide the opportunity to use Solar from other Businesses of farms in our Community.

Peer to Peer solar trading also works well in the farming sector. For example, farmers in the Burdekin can have up to 10 different pumps on 10 different Electricity accounts can now share the Solar between each pump when running. Community solar trading will also be very popular where clubs and not for profits can install solar systems and gift the excess solar to their members if they wish.

For now, we are offering cheaper grid solutions for Small Business Customers but are planning to offer a residential grid solution in July.

About Horan & Bird

Horan and Bird started in 2004 and have installed more than 25,000 solar systems nationally. In 2015 the business was bought out by Origin Energy, but in late 2020 was purchased back.

“It’s been really exciting, getting the business back, being fast and nimble and being able to deliver more savings, more innovation and better everyday energy solutions to our customers,” John said.

Our plan is to roll out smarter, cheaper grid energy and to connect our community with renewables. I believe we can get to help our clients achieve Net Zero a lot quicker than most people think.

About Next Business Energy

NBE is an innovative energy company that has been offering cost effective energy solutions to business customers since 2014. Winning awards for its products and being recognised as one of Australia’s and Asia Pacific’s fastest growing companies is now able to bring the benefits of its unbeatable customer service, great rates and innovative solar solutions to even more customers in Regional Queensland.

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