Not Sure How To Use Your Solar? Find Out Here

How to use your Solar might seem obvious but for many of us that don’t know much about solar or are seeking advice from friends or family, it could get a little confusing.

If you’re on the 44c Feed-in Tariff

If your solar was installed before 2013 then you are probably on the 44c Feed-in Tariff and have always been told to export all your solar electricity back to the grid. This is because you are better off exporting all your solar to the grid and receiving 44c for every kilowatt produced than consuming it. Be aware that if you are on the 44c FiT and you want to make changes to your system, that you may lose your eligibility. Visit the QLD Government website to find out what changes would affect your Feed-in-Tariff.

If you’re on the Solar Feed-in Tariff for regional QLD

However, if your solar was installed after 2013 or you are considering having it installed now, the way you use your solar is a little bit different. The current feed-in tariff in Queensland is 9.36c. This doesn’t mean that you can’t still save hundreds of dollars a year on your electricity bill. You just need to consume your solar rather than exporting it. Now you may be worried that you’re not home all day and you can’t consume your electricity when the sun is shining.

What if I’m not home during the day?

Timers are a marvelous thing and luckily, most new appliances have them built in. You can set your dishwasher and washing machine to turn on during the day when you’re at work. Most solar companies will also assist you in purchasing a hot water timer so that your solar will power your hot water system and you don’t need to purchase a separate system or switch to gas to save. Of course, the biggest energy consumer of all is the pool pump. Homeowners will spend $800-$1200 a year maintaining their pool[i]. Thankfully, you can set a timer to have your solar run your pool pump during the day as well.

Maintain your system

It is imperative that you maintain your system to ensure you get the maximum benefit from it. We recommend having your system cleaned at least once every 12 months and making sure there are no shading issues that may impact your system performance.

Thinking about going Solar?

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