People With Solar Should Not Feel Guilty

Over the last 12 months some critics have blamed people with solar panels as the problem for the rising price of Electricity.  Furthermore people with solar have been labelled as upper class and greedy individuals taking advantage of the system to the detriment to the less fortunate public.

This could not be further from the truth – the majority of Horan and Bird’s customers have been regular working class families.  In fact many have been lower middle class families that have chosen to pay off an asset rather than continuously pay a power company.

Horan and Bird have now installed almost 6000 solar systems in North Queensland and some 28 MW of Clean Energy.  This is providing more than 24,000 North Queenslanders with solar power.  Over the next 5 years our customers will be able to integrate their solar systems into smart homes that will enable solar to run their house during the night and day.  This will also help others without solar as smart homes will be able to export solar power during peak demand periods to reduce load on the local networks.


Why people should be proud:

  • People with solar panels in Australia have invested more than $6 Billion dollars in mini power stations.  This has saved the Government and tax payers a fortune in infrastructure.
  • Solar has been a saviour in peak demand in Australia, with solar dramatically reducing the loads of air-conditioning during the hottest time of the day.  Solar has been credited as the reason why blackouts did not occur in Southern Australia during the heat waves in summer.
  • North Queenslanders with the 44 cent feed in tariff are still providing power directly to NQ homes cheaper than it is for the Government to subsidise $700 million dollars in power losses from power lines each year.
  • Customers with the 8 cent feed in tariff are making a fortune for Ergon as they get to sell it to your next door neighbours for 30 cents a kWH without any line losses.
  • Solar has created more than 25,000 jobs in Australia
  • The 2 million solar systems in Australia have also contributed a great benefit to the environment