Queensland’s Solar is on the Rise

The Queensland Solar energy sector is growing, and the government have set a target and a promise to continue for it to grow. This is a great act by the government as solar energy brings along many benefits including the creation of more jobs and the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

The Queensland government have set a target of one million rooftops with solar by 2020 and have included a promise to introduce key initiatives to continue growth. This is great news for many families and businesses, as solar energy also helps reduce electricity costs in the long-run.

To achieve this target by 2020 the government have introduced some key initiatives including:

  • A fair price for solar
  •  Queensland’s statutory voltage limit review
  • Advancing Clean Energy Schools program
  • Solar for public housing trial
  • Supporting up to 150 megawatts of solar generation to encourage
  • large-scale solar generation and investment in Queensland.

Queensland already has the highest number of installations in Australia, and with these initiatives it will allow this number to continue to grow. The initiatives will help businesses, community buildings, and large commercial/industry sites.

Battery storage systems are the way of the future. It certainly won’t be a long wait until Queensland families and businesses will be available to the option to install these battery storage systems to capture and use excess solar power. Families and businesses can reap further benefits from solar power as the battery storage essentially means you can generate solar power during the day and then store it for use at night, or for when you need back-up power during extreme weather events.

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