Removal of 8 cent Feed in Tariff won’t effect North Queensland

With the announcement from the State Government today about the removal of the 8 cent feed in tariff H&B would like to make these points on why it will not effect North Queensland Solar customers:

  • Horan and Bird have been selling solar systems successfully for last  12 months now with the 8 cent feed in tariff available and we have been designing the systems so the house  uses most of the solar from the roof.  So when the customer uses solar, it therefore saves the customers approximately 30 cents kWH as that roughly is what it costs to buy power from Ergon. If you can use your own solar power you save so much more – so the 8 cents is simply a bonus, not the main reason to buy.  Our customers export less than 10 % of their solar system output anyway as we want them to save the most amount they can.
  • It is critical that home owners get a full energy evaluation to ensure the right size solar system is installed on your roof, and you are not wasting solar power. That’s why we can find ways to help the customer use the most amount of solar.
  • However solar storage is the next boom in the energy market, and the removal of feed in tariffs is going to escalate the boom. So buying solar today sets you up for the future.
  • This new deal may even be a better deal North Queenslanders. There is every chance that Nth Queensland Ergon customers may receive up to 12 cents for solar feed in from the Retail arm of Ergon. Ergon Energy customers, will continue to be paid a tariff set by the Queensland Competition Authority
  • The real threat is the removal of the government rebate (renewable energy certificates) in which is reducing the price of a 5kW solar system by up $4000 at the moment. The Government is reviewing this rebate as we speak.  I could not recommend it enough to act quickly or miss out on this $4000.
  • Our customers with the 44 cent feed in tariff will not be effected.