Solar Flex helping local families save on their Energy Bills

A growing number of North Queensland residents are saving on their electricity bills with a solar solution that costs nothing to install on their roof.

While more than 30 per cent of Queensland homes already have a rooftop solar system[i], solar experts Horan & Bird expect this to continue to grow thanks to products like Solar Flex.

Solar Flex is helping more customers enjoy the benefits of solar by removing the upfront cost of purchasing and installing the system,” says John Horan, Group Manager of Horan and Bird. “By purchasing the solar generated energy at a discount to the grid rate, customers are also able to save on their electricity bills.”

Horan and Bird, a North Queensland solar company purchased by Origin in 2015, is selling and installing Solar Flex throughout Queensland.

With Solar Flex, Origin funds the solar system and the customer buys the solar energy generated on their roof at a discount to the grid rate.

With a family of five, local Townsville residents Brendan and Liz Johnson had an average quarterly electricity bill of around $1,200.

Since signing up to Solar Flex and having a 5kW system installed on their home, the Johnsons have reduced their electricity bill by about $850 per year.

“With five people in our house, we use a lot of electricity and our bills were quite expensive,” says Brendan Johnson. “The $850 we have been able to save with solar has been great because we have put that towards making our annual family holiday a little bit more special.”