Solar Management Service for Landlords and Investors

Horan & Bird are excited to announce a new solar system management service.  This service will not only provide your family with peace of mind that your solar system is working at its best, but also an opportunity for landlords and investors to install solar on their investment properties and commercial buildings.

“Many clients have contacted us looking for a service that enables them to monitor the solar production on their investment properties.  Clients are now using solar systems to reward good tenants, attract good tenants to vacant properties and in most cases achieve greater rental income with happier tenants.  Smart investors realise that increased rent results in an increase to the value of their property.”  John Horan, Director of Horan & Bird

Horan & Bird can install a customised monitor and provide the following services:

  • Send you or tenant weekly emails that show your solar production, Tariff 11 & 33 usage.
  • Send you or tenant alerts if your solar system stops working.  Find out immediately and not three months later when you receive an expensive power bill.
  • Send you alerts if your system is under performing, so warranties can be claimed.
  • Monitor your solar system if you or tenant goes away on holidays.
  • Monitor your solar system if you rent your own house out.
  • Provide peace of mind and ensure the best performance of your solar system.
  • Provide a third party service for landlords who install solar for their tenants and charge their tenants extra rent.  H&B validate the output of the solar system