Solar Power Purchase Agreement is a Game Changer

The Queensland Government is going full steam ahead with its goal to have 1 million homes in Queensland with solar panels.  Energy Minister, Mark Bailey, also confirmed at the Solar 2015 conference in Melbourne that the Government is committed to generate 50% of the State’s energy from renewables by the year of 2030.  To achieve these goals the Queensland Government is urging the public to consider Solar Power Purchase Agreements (SPPA), which have been extremely popular in countries such as the USA.

A SPPA is when a customer has a solar system installed on their roof for $0 and locks in a low cost contract with their Solar/Energy Company to purchase the electricity the solar system creates.  The solar system is then monitored and maintained by the Energy Company.  The contracts vary in length from 7 to 15 Years.  SPPA’s are not for everybody, however, with modifications and the use of smart timers and small lifestyle changes customers can achieve significant savings.

For example, timers can be used to maximise appliances such as hot water systems and pool pumps to operate while solar systems are working to achieve great results.  Customers can also program dishwashers, washing machines and dryers to operate during daylights hours and to finish in time for when you get home from work.

SPPA’s are going to be a game changer for customers who may not be able to afford a solar system outright. For many customers, SPPA’s are going to achieve simular savings to those with solar systems.  SPPA’s are also very popular for business owners who can achieve large savings in energy costs without having to spend capital on a solar system. In fact, up to 60% of their power bill. Business owners can put capital towards growing their business in other areas.

For some customers, you will be able to lock in rates as low as 12 to 16* cents a kWH during daylight hours.  Currently, home and business owners are paying anywhere between 25 to 45 cents a kWH for daytime electricity.  The savings are significant.

If you are interested in finding out if your house or business is suitable for a SPPA, please register below:

*Note you may incur costs in order to have your property solar ready such as electrical works to switchboard. Solar Energy rates is subject to change for CPI annually and change in law.