Solar Storage Solutions Now Available at Horan and Bird

Horan and Bird are excited to be offering solar storage solutions to the North Queensland market.

The Horan and Bird solar storage solution is the second step to the development of the “Smart Home or business” and a critical part of the “everyday energy solution”.

This solar storage solution offers a great back-up solution for customers with the 44 cent feed in tariff.  With new Electricity tariffs arriving shortly it may be a better solution to use your solar at night then to export your solar power during the day.

For customers that are only receiving an 8 cent feed in tariff, this enables you to use your solar power at night saving yourself up to 33 cents a kWH instead of exporting it out at 8 cents.

For business customers this solar storage solution is not only a great back up power source but it is also a vital part to energy independence for your company.