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As a miner Adrian Hogue spends three weeks a month away from his home in Kirwan, Queensland. The time apart from his wife and 16-year-old daughter is tough – but it’s even tougher when the energy bills come in. Despite having only two people in the house most of the time, the family’s energy bills could be anywhere between $1,800 and $2,500 every quarter.

That’s because when Adrian is hard at work, so is the family’s huge range of appliances – including three refrigerators, a freezer, five TVs and three computers.


After seeing an ad for our Solar as a Service in the paper, Adrian contacted one of our local solar installers. Horan & Bird put together a personalised quote for him, and visited Adrian at home to chat through the different contract options and the rates available with each one.

“ … The offer was a great fit,
so that made it easier too”

They explained to Adrian that Solar as a Service allows his house to get the benefits of solar without having to buy a solar system*. For Adrian, it couldn’t have come at a better time. “I’d been thinking about solar for years – and it was time to take the next step. The offer was a great fit, so that made it easier too,” he said.


Horan and Bird dealt directly with Ergon Energy to get his network application started. Once they were ready to go, they installed a 5.2kW system at Adrian’s home earlier this year. Amazingly, it was all done in one day. “ The whole process felt really simple and efficient,” Adrian said. “The installers were tidy, professional and polite – and my main contact was very thorough, keeping me updated with all the nuts and bolts.”


Adrian’s been enjoying the benefits of solar since January 2016. He’s seen a decrease in his bills – despite the fact that the family are still running all their appliances. “ After going solar our first combined bills were $1,300, and our bills have been going down ever since. Our last quarterly bills were around $700 in total, which is amazing! The only regret I have is not switching to solar earlier,” Adrian said. “After being in the mining industry for 40 years, it’s nice to be doing my bit for the environment too – no matter how small.”

“ … The only regret I have is not
switching to solar earlier”


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