The World’s Largest Companies Turning to Solar

The recent Harvard Business Review has highlighted what some of the world’s leading companies are doing to not only combat climate change, but to hedge their energy costs.  It is a clear trend that these leading companies understand how to build a sustainable business future for their shareholders.  It is incredible how quickly these large companies are turning to solar and other renewables to reduce their overheads.  For example, LEGO have a goal of being run by 100% renewables by 2016 and similarly, IKEA  by  2020.

Below are some of the goals of the world’s leading companies:

Companies with goals to be operating on 100% Renewable Energy
Apple, BMW, Deutsche Bahn, Honda, Ikea, Lego, Nestle, Proctor & Gamble, Unilever, Walmart

Companies with goals to reduce their Energy consumption by up to 75%
AT&T, GE, Lloyds Bank, Saint-Gobain and Volkswagen

Companies with goals to reduce their Energy consumption by 30%
Sony and Intel

Energy is becoming such a large overhead in so many businesses today, and Australians are starting to follow the lead of most of the world’s best companies.   All businesses should build energy independence into their budgets and business plans; it will be an important step for the future sustainability of your company.  Horan and Bird has been operating on 100% renewable energy since 2011.  If you need help to design a plan and budget for energy independence call our experienced team today.