Townsville 500, V8 Super Cars

Townsville, North Queensland




Horan and Bird wanted to create a unique feature for Townsville that would aid Townsville in retaining the V8 super cars event in 2013 along with:

  • Remove the electricity consumption of the building.
  • Create the first Carbon Neutral V8 racing event on the racing calendar.
  • Create a land mark signature “TSV” that would last for decades and would be showcased to the rest of Australia.


  • 40 x 250W Trina Panels
  • 1 x 10kW SMA inverter


  • Townsville regained the V8 supercar series.
  • This solar system offsets the entire carbon emissions produced by every car that raced over the 2 days.
  • So far since May 2013 the system has produced 17962 kwH’s.  The savings  17962 kwH x $0.3 cents = $5388.60 in electricity.