Warranty for PV Systems

There can be a lot of confusion as to what items are covered under the “Warranty” of a PV system. There are a number of items with different warranty coverage so we thought we would try and detail these for you.

Panel Warranty:

Solar panels have 2 warranty periods.

  1. Limited Product Warranty and this is usually 5 – 10 years depending on the brand of panel. This takes into account any visual defects such as cracks, deterioration and splits in the panel frame work. Free from defects in design, material and workmanship.
  1. 25 Year Limited Power Output Warranty. This is the guarantee from manufacturers that the panel will perform within its specified tolerances.

For Monocrystalline Products you may experience no more than 3.0% performance deduction in the first year, thereafter 0.68% per year, ending with 80.68% in the 25th year after the Warranty Start Date.

For Polycrystalline Products, 2.5% in the first year, thereafter 0.7% per year, ending with 80.7% in the 25th year after the Warranty Start Date.

We advise reading your product information to confirm what each manufacture recommends.

  1. Inverters: Warranty periods vary from 5 – 10 years. It is standard to have a 5 year warranty on the smaller range up to 5kW. The larger ones may have a 10 year warranty. Some brands offered an extended warranty. Some brands have a replacement warranty where if there is a fault, they send you a new one to replace the faulty one, you then send the faulty one back to the manufacturer. Of late, most Inverter manufacturers have changed their policies and now replace your faulty inverter with a second hand inverter that has previously been repaired. If you have had an inverter replaced, the warranty period for that inverter is from the original day of installation, not the day of replacement/repair.
  1. Rail Warranty: These normally have a 5 – 10 year warranty. This included the rail, feet/mounting system, clamps and roof screws. Depending on the items depends if labour is included in the warranty claim.
  1. Build of system items: This includes all you other items such as cable, conduit, AC & DC Isolators, saddles, screws, circuit breakers etc. Consumable items that are usually provided by the installer. Most of these items have a 12 month warranty. Some of these warranties will include labour, most won’t. Again, check with your installer for more details.
  1. Workmanship: This is the warranty provided by the installer that guarantee’s their workmanship for a period of time. This is usually 1 -2 years. H&B are 2 years. This covers the installation, making sure we have followed industry guidelines and used approved items that all have a warranty period. If there is a breach of industry standards or guidelines and it can be proved, the installer should return and make good.