For large energy users, network charges can make up a considerable proportion of energy bills. Demand charges* are a component of network charges and are based on both the real and apparent power requirements of sites.

Any given site with a poor Power Factor is likely to pay higher demand charges than one with a good Power Factor. Businesses with a poor Power Factor are typically associated with having operations with significant inductive loads such as transformers and electric motors.

Power Factor Flex

With Origin’s Power Factor Flex™ model you can start reducing your demand charges by installing a power correction unit at no cost to you.


Step 1

First, we’ll have a Power Factor Correction unit tailored to your site.


Step 2

You’ll pay $0 upfront for the Power Correction unit.


Step 3

We’ll maintain and monitor the unit to ensure optimal performance.


Step 4

You can choose a contract period that suit you – with 3, 5 or 7 year terms available.


Step 5

PPC encourages efficient energy usage, reducing your operating costs.

At the end of the agreement, you can purchase the Power Factor Correction unit from us, for as little as $1 and take full benefit of unit ownership.

Power Factor Outright Purchase

If you’re looking to purchase a Power Factor unit outright, we can tailor and install one for you – and we’ll hand over the ownership. You’ll still have the support of our experts throughout the entire process. And, if you’re concerned about paying for the Power Factor unit upfront, we offer payment options to help pay for the system.