What is a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)?

Power Purchase Agreements enable businesses to make the switch to solar without having to purchase a solar system. We install a solar system on your business and you purchase energy at a pre-determined fixed rate for the term of the PPA. This rate is significantly lower than your current market rate. PPAs typically range from 10 to 25 years. During this period, Juice Capital is responsible for the operations and maintenance of the system.

No Upfront Costs.

You won’t pay any initial capital.

Immediate Savings.

No upfront capital means you don’t have to wait for your ROI. You’ll be cashflow positive from day one!

Fixed Energy Price.

You’ll be able to protect your business against rising energy prices by locking in a low daytime energy rate.

Low Risk.

There are no ongoing maintenance fees and the system has performance guarantees so there’s no risk of production loss.

Townsville Engineering Case Study

We estimated Townsville Engineering could generate approximately a third of the businesses’ energy needs at a rate much lower than what they were paying for electricity from the grid. So after inspections and discussions around the best solar installation options, they gave us the go ahead to install a custom 80kW system on a 10-year agreement. For Richard, he says the option seemed too good to be true.

“The whole process has been really easy since Horan & Bird came back to us with this new option. We’re excited to see the new electricity savings, but are also glad that we can find a way to be environmentally conscious. As a business that operates for almost 10 hours a day, this is a great service. I feel very positive about the change and can’t see any negatives.”