What is a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)?

Power Purchase Agreements enable businesses to make the switch to solar without having to purchase a solar system. We install a solar system on your business and you purchase energy at a pre-determined fixed rate for the term of the PPA. This rate is significantly lower than your current market rate. PPAs typically range from 10 to 25 years. During this period, Juice Capital is responsible for the operations and maintenance of the system.

No Upfront Costs.

You won’t pay any initial capital.

Immediate Savings.

No upfront capital means you don’t have to wait for your ROI. You’ll be cashflow positive from day one!

Fixed Energy Price.

You’ll be able to protect your business against rising energy prices by locking in a low daytime energy rate.

Low Risk.

There are no ongoing maintenance fees and the system has performance guarantees so there’s no risk of production loss.

IGA Burpengary Case Study.

IGA Burpengary went solar with a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) in 2017. The store owner, Shay told us that the three biggest expenses in retail are electricity, rent and labour. Electricity was the one he has the most control over, so he made the switch to solar.

Prior to going solar, the business was paying $13,000 per month for electricity. The store is 700 square feet and houses 22 doors of chiller fridges which make up about 70% of the stores energy costs.

After assessing the stores energy needs and usage, Shay gave us the go ahead to install a 100kW system. Since having the system installed, Shay is now saving approximately $5,500 per month off his bill. The best part is, he didn’t pay anything upfront for the system! IGA Burpengary is on a 15-year PPA, locking them in for savings of approximately $60,000 a year for the next 15 years!