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Whether you’re still learning about the benefits of solar power, weighing up your options or are ready to buy, we are here to help you along the way.

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High Quality Systems

We have an award-winning team of local electricians specialising in installations, maintenance, and repairs for residential and commercial properties.

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High Quality Installations

Our qualified electricians have installed thousands of solar systems throughout Australia. With constant ongoing training to ensure every solar system is installed to maximise performance.

Solar Repair

Ensuring your solar system is working efficiently is imperative for you to reap the full benefits of solar. Over time, solar systems can encounter reliability problems. Having an experienced and trusted repairer is essential to ensure your solar system is operating as efficiently as possible.

What’s included in our Solar Repair Service?

  • Licensed electrician will visit your premises to inspect and perform minor repairs of your Solar PV system.
  • Technical diagnosis and rectification of any faults found using minor consumable parts.
  • No obligation quote will be provided if the system cannot be repaired by using minor consumable parts.
  • Detailed site visit report including diagnosis and recommendations.

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