Meet our customers!

”I can’t believe what an incredible difference solar from Horan & Bird has made to our lifestyle! I’ve gotten into the habit of giving my wife a daily update of our power generated.

She was interested for the first month or two but I’m starting to sense I’m more passionate about this than she is. I do know we both look forward to receiving our power bill each month because it keeps getting smaller!”

Brady Ellis.

“I just got my bill for this month and it was $190!!!
I genuinely cannot believe it. We run our aircon every single day without fail, Solar has cut my power bill in half!”

Crystal Vas.

“Solar has made a massive difference in our electricity bill, by reducing the quarterly amount from the solar power, and now monthly bills are much more manageable. The service was excellent. There was no mucking around. We knew what was happening and when. All our enquiries were answered. From start to finish was so easy for us, I highly recommend Horan & Bird.”

Brett Gordon. 

“Our first bill after installation was more than $200 less for the quarter and that was not for a whole quarter! Looking forward to seeing what a whole quarter looks like. The service was great from start to finish. Contract arrangement were quick and seamless, and our installer was wonderful. Super helpful. I would recommend Horan & Bird because they’re locally owned, professional and easy to deal with.”

Ngaire Trigg.

“Solar has significantly reduced our out of pocket cost of electricity and it’s tracking to reduce our electricity cost by 75%. Overall service was great. Jonathan explained the quote well and how the solar works so I could better understand what the benefits would be and the system that would best suit our families needs.

The service was quick and the convenience that Jonathan came to our home to go through the quote and explain the details was great. The price is on par with other solar suppliers and they provide a 10 year warranty which gives you peace of mind knowing you will be taken care of in the long term with them. 24 month interest repayment is great if you aren’t able to pay the cost upfront.”

Emma Williamson. 

“Our bill has SIGNIFICANTLY decreased from about $800 a quarter on average to approximately $50 a month. The installation team were great, they communicated well with us and were very polite.”

Samantha Lewis.

“The solar panels have halved our power bills, it has been fantastic seeing the benefits of the solar. Definitely worth the Investment in the system. The overall service from Horan & Bird was great.

The sales person came to our home, went through all of the details & answered all our questions. The system was installed promptly & applied to our electricity account efficiently. I would recommend Horan & Bird, they offered great service & the whole experience was hassle free.”

Roxanne Adams.

“The solar system that I have installed will not only pay off my electricity bills but will also create a positive ROI and I am likely to recover my initial investment in the next 4-5 years. After which, electricity is almost free.

I received very efficient and effective service from day one. The staff were well informed and were able to answer all the queries and doubts that I had. They were very helpful with providing alternate quotes as per changes that I wanted.”

Allwyn Carvalho.

“We have noticed our electricity bills have fallen by approximately 60% in the past 2 billing cycles when compared to the same period in 2019. This saving is even more significant when we considered that we are mostly at home in the past 5 months due to Covid-19 restrictions.

I would recommend Horan & Bird as they are affiliated to Origin, a well established energy company and therefore would not run the various risks of using other solar installers which was widely reported in the media. The work quality is good and we are confident of the long warranty period provided.”

Eng Hwa Lim. 

We were extremely impressed that your company made a home visit to supply our quote. This allowed us to ask questions and receive answers on the spot, instead of sending multiple e-mails. Great Customer Service. The installation process was seamless, and the technicians were knowledgeable. Everything was well planned and went off without a hitch. Very happy retirees.

Greg & Lindy Hines.

horan & bird testimonial

“Brad and the team were very thorough, not only did he arrange all our solar requirements, but he also got us a much better deal on our power as well with Origin Energy.”

Shane Knight.

horan & bird testimonial

Since having our system installed 12 months ago we have saved almost $700 and with such a big family that makes such a difference to us. For the first time in 20 years we’re not scared to turn the air-con on.”

Renee and Rod Howard.

We have noticed a huge difference in our electricity bills since getting solar. Our quarterly bill was less than half the usual. ⁣ The service was fantastic! Professional & knowledgeable.

From the first contact with Horan & Bird, it was so easy to arrange an appointment (after 5pm due to work commitments). April visited us, explained everything, answered our questions & was fabulous to deal with. Emails were a great way to communicate, due to my work schedule. Couldn’t be happier with the service from day one.⁣”

Stacey Miller. ⁣

“I’m very excited to be pulling power from the sun to run the house 24/7! I really wanted to thank April for the support and guidance she has provided throughout the process. The installers did a nice clean job and were very professional and I just had the all clear from the electrical inspector.”

Christopher Broadhead.

“Solar has massively reduced our quarterly bill. They are $10-$20 rather than $250- $300. The service has been very good, all questions have been answered promptly and you have been very informative with any additional questions I have had.

The installation team were very prompt, polite and cleaned up when they left. I have recommended Horan & Bird to multiple friends and one has already had the system installed.”

Matthew Leech.

“We have seen a major drop in our bills, we have already saved $400 in the first month! The team were very helpful and friendly. We would definitely recommend Horan & Bird, they are a great company and provide quick and easy service. They made the whole experience very easy.”
Madigan Kepper.

Tim has almost halved his electricity bill after having his 5.8kW system installed! ⁣

“The Service was good from start to finish Jason was good to deal with and contractor turned up on time and neat workmanship.”

Tim Smith. ⁣

“I have purchased two solar systems through Horan & Bird and I would only ever use them. Brad made the whole process easy and was very professional, he had answers for all questions or would find out. The systems are going great, I would highly recommend using Horan & Bird to anyone looking for a quality system and a company that will get the job done.”

 Zack Gutteridge.